Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor brings the kindred world closer to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Camarilla held for years, the domain borders Annapolis and works with the Camarilla there to stabilize Maryland as a whole.

City OfficersEdit

Prince: Adrien Flourent - Ventrue

Seneschal: Rylis Hannalore - Ventrue

Keeper of Elysium: Merrideth - Nosferatu

Sheriff - Mei Lii - Child of Haqim

Scourge - Brian Kalo - Gangrel

Harpy - Victoria DeLaNoche - Daughter of Cacophany

Primogen Council

Brujah - Raxor Eddie

Children of Haqim - Johnny "Spadez" Malone

Gangrel - Alana Lowery

Malkavian - Phillip (NPC)

Nosferatu - Merideth

Toreador - Victoria DeLaNoche

Tremere - Lucas Morgan

Ventrue - Claire Deems