The Camarilla is a sect of Vampires based in Vienna, Austria.

The Camarilla dates back to the years of the Inquisition, as humanity turned its collective eye on vampires. The principle of the Masquerade took root and held sway, growing into the creation of today -- a massive, global conspiracy of sorts, meant to decieve humanity about monsters in its midst, and thus advert another purging. In these times of nuclear devices, powerful governments and enormous populations, the Masquerade has become both guiding principle and ironclad policy. Today, the Camarilla concerns itself with the Masquerade, maintaining the manipulation of the kine, and fighting the Sabbat.

The enemy of the Camarilla is the Sabbat. A faction of Vampires that embraces their curse of Caine and seeks to fight against the Camarilla and the shackles of the Elders.

Clans claimed by the Camarilla:

The Camarilla claimes all vampires to be under its aegis and proclaims itself the greatest sect of Kindred across the globe. Indeed, it claims that all Cainites are already under its banner, regardless of those vampires' wishes. In spite of its farce, only six clans hold full membership in the sect out of the 13 major Clans of Vampires:

The Camarilla upholds the Traditions, which is the basis for all Camarilla law.