Little Rock has long been the red headed step child of the Camarilla. Due to it's relative isolation in comparison

Little Rock Skyline

to the the more metropolitan areas of the United States, it's always been a kind of joke amongst the members of the Ivory Tower. Considered to be the back of beyond, it has long been semi-autonomous. Without a threat from the Sabbat or other outside agencies, it was able to function without much interference from the higher echelons of the Camarilla. The only problem that made Camarilla headlines, so to speak, was the dethroning of the long time Prince, Domiano Bianchi of Clan Nosferatu. It ended with Bianchi missing in action, and Prince Ghideon Esaz ascending the throne. That was the state of affairs for many, many years. After nearly two decades of relative peace, the Prince's grip on reality began to slip, and it was decided that a new Prince should be in power. The Assamite Prince, however, did not last long before being ousted as a diablerist, and power transfered to Killaen von Renssaler of clan Ventrue. After several months Prince KvR stepped down in favour of his progeny, the current Prince of Little Rock, William Leroux. Prince Leroux successfully led the assembled Kindred of the Domain against impossible odds in a two front war against the vile Black Spiral Dancer werewolves, and a cunning Sabbat scheme to take over Little Rock. In recent nights, it has become once again the peaceful, pleasant domain that it once was. So much so, that several Kindred from around the United States and world have decided to settle down in this idyllic river side city.

Members of the CourtEdit

The Exalted William Leroux, Prince, Clan Ventrue

The Cherished Sir Geoffrey "Rook" Rochester, Seneschal, Clan Nosferatu

  • The Revered Domiano Bianchi, Primogen, Clan Nosferatu </li>
  • The Revered Kaleb Gaunt, Primogen, Clan Malkavian</li>
  • The Revered Evie Betancourt, Primogen, Clan Toreador</li>
  • The Revered Cotton Stevens, Primogen, Clan Brujah</li>
  • The Revered Michael Lucius, Primogen, Clan Tremere</li>

    The Feared Barnaby J. Smythe, Sheriff, Clan Ventrue

    The Honorable Esteban Garcia-Perez, Keeper of Elysium, Clan Toreador

    The Influential Evie Betancourt, Grand Harpy, Clan Toreador

    The Feared Art Banner, Scourge, Caitiff​

    Recognized Members of the DomainEdit

    • Alarik Fenrisulfur, Clan Gangrel
    • Alex Wisdom, Caitiff
    • Alexandra O'Boyle, Clan Tremere
    • Blaine Harper, Clan Brujah
    • Clara McOwen, Clan Malkavian
    • Damian, Caitiff
    • Eden Quinn, Clan Malkavian
    • Edward Bevil, Clan Tremere
    • Elijah William Markston, Clan Norsferatu
    • Evan Ambrose, Clan Tremere
    • Hope, Clan Tremere
    • Jayce Dubois, Clan Toreador
    • Juste-Charles De Fay de la Tour-Maubourg, Clan Tremere
    • Katya Romanesku, Clan Brujah
    • Maella O'Connagain, Clan Malkavian
    • Maxamillious Christof, Caitiff
    • Mortimer, Clan Assamite
    • Mr. Fix, Clan Nosferatu
    • Murphy Aloysius O'Bannon, Clan Brujah
    • Poe, Clan Brujah
    • Quan-Li Xai, Clan Gangrel
    • Rachael Aristos, Clan Ventrue
    • Sabine Elena Markston, Clan Nosferatu
    • Siren, Clan Toreador
    • Skitzafit, Clan Malkavian
    • Victor Slidell, Clan Lasombra

    Independents Active in the DomainEdit

    • Dominic Giovanni, Clan Giovanni
    • Johnny Dunsirn, Clan Giovanni
    • Crowley "Rooster" Reed, Clan Ravnos