Hideously deformed and misshapen creatures, the Curse of Caine cannot be denied by Vampires of Clan Nosferatu. It is a reminder every day of their unlives that they are no longer human, not even in semblance. With such obvious deformities, they shy from judging eyes and frightened minds of the world at large by congregating in the sewers and caverns. They often form tight-knitted groups so as to aid each other in survival. Woe be the Nosferatu that turns his back on his clan, for then he will truly be reviled and alone.

Exploring and living in catacombs can have advantages, and Nosferatu gather information, pick up the loose threads to weave together, find lost relics and can even be what goes BUMP in the night, filling quite a few roles for the society they choose to be a part of. If you need information, they probably know it, but don't expect to get it for free. They are no fools, and have learned long ago no good deed goes unpunished.. Treat them with respect, you will receive it in return. Cheat them on a deal ... just don't cheat them on a deal.

The gifts of Caine's blood show in this clan as Animalism , Obfuscate , and Potence .