Grave Cross

The Edge of Chaos

Paducah, Ky has a notroious history of infernal terrors. It is known to lie in close proximity to a giant lupine territory. It has seen the death of countless Princes. Why than are their still kindred there...?

Those of the domain finally did give up and flee, but it could not stay that way long. Paducah is the frontier. The last edge of the darkness that kindred live in and the darkness that even kindred fear. It is the last waypoint before the threshold is crossed. Once it was known as the crossroads, when there were still those that made a crossing; now it is the last stop. Now it lies at the edge... of choas.

(ooc: A new game with new STs. It still takes place in the city of Paducah, Kentucky, but it shut down after the last staff ran all the players away. An entirely new staff with a new agenda has taken over the city. The place is different, the people are different, the platyers are different, and it is open for travellers.)