Stagger Lee - Anarch ... Fail?

Danger my friends, forewarned is forearmed. There is brewing and seems bent towards a fall fruition that which has been referred to as “A Stagger.” This ‘Stagger’ is an event which will occur over a 2 week period in September. The Anarch faction, feeling unrecognized and overwhelmed, has hatched itself a little disruption plot to demonstrate that they too are organized. Organized anarchists, it is to laugh. If these signs develop in your city over this coming August, then this is what they think they are up to:

There will first appear foreshadowing songs as something of an auditory mise-en-scene during your gatherings now and in August. This was quickly traced here in undisclosed, far-away Anonymous Town (please may I focus the Anarchs on myself and this delight of a city? No? C’est la vie) and the Nosferatu responsible even surrendered a playlist that she had printed from their site inciting her to this little drama. The songs are all “Stagger Lee” songs, which is a song that supposedly has been covered and re-invented over and over so broadly as to be taken as some symbol of unity in diversity. Not quite how I might describe it, but the description is from their soiled minds so what more need be said about it. The following are links to the songs they intend to serenade us with, their actual list itself has titles and artists as well as the links but I have no doubt you can discern their titles and artists from the links themselves. They are varied “Stagger Lee’s,” “Stackolee’s,” “Stag O’Lee’s” ect. and the story of songs seems to be almost as fluid:

The argument between ‘Stagger Lee’ and ‘Billy Lyons’ and what this is supposed to portend is also not something our unfortunate Nosferatu was very illuminating over. Whether this was supposed to be some allusion to the relationship of the Camarilla and them, or even what message beyond general annoyance or a puerile attempt at being spooky seems to still be up in the air. Regardless of what any or all these songs together are supposed to exhibit, if you start to hear them in the coming weeks then your Anarchs have decided to join in for this “Stagger.” The event or instance or whatever you want to label it will be staged by someone introducing themselves as Stagger Lee during their September time window followed by some kind of assassination or ambush attempts which can only be regarded as ill conceived both because they can’t possible achieve anything from it and because they’re either advertising it or have fumbled their plot already.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat